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Before we share our first review, we wanted to give a little overview of our criteria and basic thought process. Disclaimer: we are not professional tasters. However, we are huge fans fanatics of bourbon (and whiskeys as a whole). David is going to take over now to share our approach:

I love this “water of life” and have spent the last year throwing myself into learning everything I can find about it. I consider the history, the distilling process, and bourbon’s place in America very interesting. I have tried countless bourbons now, and I’m always eager to get my hands on new spirits. While I’m not an expert, I have a deep passion for exploring and hope to open your eyes to a great bottle of Bourbon.

When we set out to create this society, our mission was to publish informative reviews. I found that many reviews leave me still questioning whether the bottle is actually worth the buy. So, our reviews will tackle taste and value.

We’ll review bourbons and whiskeys on a 5 Pour Scale:

  • One pour à Absolute garbage. Don’t bother drinking.
  • Two pours à  Acceptable when free; most likely would not purchase.
  • Three pours à Worth drinking at the bar or at home after a regular ol’ day. Consider a “go-to choice” for easy drinking.
  • Four pours à A great bourbon. Good for special occasion. Must be a staple in your home bar. 
  • Five pours à Reserved for truly outstanding bourbons. Seek far and wide to get your hands on this bottle. Definitely pay secondary market prices to purchase this gem.

You can expect lots of 3 Pours, a few 4 Pours, and a handful of 2 Pours from us soon. (David tends to be generous with his bourbon reviews because he genuinely likes most of the bourbons he’s tried.)

You will always get our honest review, including whether we would spend our own cash on something.  We are still humans (read: not professionals) and may miss some elements that other people bring up. That’s why we created this space. We want the input and collaboration from this community of like-minded Bourbon-obsessors.

Ultimately, the purpose of this community is to get people excited about all things bourbon. We hope that you’ll try some new tastes with us, as well as share YOUR knowledge and recommendations. We simply want everyone to find some killer bourbon they can drink together and enjoy each other’s company.

Our first bourbon review to follow momentarily… let us know what you think!

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