Larceny Bourbon Review

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This week we are taking a closer look at Larceny Bourbon. Larceny is a wheater, a bourbon that has wheat as its secondary grain as opposed to rye or barley. It is produced by the monster distillery Heaven Hill Distilleries Bourbon Heritage Center, one of the last “family owned” distilleries in Kentucky.

Wheat Bourbons are pretty popular these days, with brands such as Weller and Makers being its direct competitors. The other mega name in wheated bourbon is none other than Pappy Van Winkle (yes, the most in-demand bourbon in the world is a wheater). So how does Larceny hold up compared to these giants in the crowded field?

Larceny is a small batch bourbon, coming from 100 barrels or less. It is aged between 6 and 12 years and bottled at 46 % ABV with a 92 proof. I wasn’t able to find the bourbon in Baton Rouge anywhere so I picked it up online from my favorite website, Ezra’s for $29.99.

THE RATING: We award this Three Pours, something worthwhile to have and try especially if you like wheated bourbon.

THE TASTING: We tried this bourbon in rocks glasses neat. We immediately smelled a hint of brown sugar, maybe some caramel and vanilla. It isn’t too blatantly sweet though, which is nice. Taking a sip, I noticed a follow through of that sweetness that comes with most wheated bourbons. It has a molasses and vanilla taste that unfortunately doesn’t deliver as much as I had hoped. It has a hint of spice that melds well with the sweetness to give a soothing taste. As a whole I was happy with the taste. The finish was what felt weak for me, a small amount of burn that didn’t follow through. I wanted more from the finish and this is where I was most disappointed.

THE VERDICT: This is definitely a decent bourbon, something that is competitive with a Weller Special Reserve and Makers Mark. I would consider this more complex than the incredible smoothness of Makers but not so complex that it can take on its bigger brother of Makers 46. MSRP is $25-30 and at that price, it’s a nice change of pace from the before mentioned competitors. I know this has been in BR before and it may be out there now, we just weren’t able to find it in the few stores we went to. If you are a fan of Makers, give this wheater a try; it has a more complex profile than the Makers but is still easy enough to try neat.

What else would you like to know about Larceny and Heaven Hill? Please let us know if you have any questions and be sure to leave your own opinion below.


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